COVID-19 Update
June 19, 2020

We will be opening slowly and with caution following all state and local requirements and guidelines for keeping our community healthy.  The first two weeks of our opening we are only offering a morning program.  Our temporary hours for this time will be 8:45am-1:00pm. After this time, we will re-evaluate to see about expanding to day care and full time school. Your needs and wants are very helpful in determining expanding our hours, please let us know what your families’ needs and wants are as we move ahead.

Below is a list of precautions we are taking:

  • ALL ADULTS MUST WEAR A FACE MASK at all times on campus.  Children are not expected to wear masks.

  • We have made plans to allow for outdoor play daily and also water play for each class.  We will not be doing any activities with multiple classes together. Teachers will wear masks and we have designed and created a special mask that has a clear portion so children can see them smile. 

  • All children and staff will be washing/sanitizing their hands multiple times a day.  

  • If an adult needs to accompany their child to class we ask that this be limited to one parent.

  • Drop off will be in the corridor, in front of school and we will mark off six-foot sections to maintain social distancing. This is where we will take temperatures, sign in, and take children to class. Each class has a separate entrance. At that time we will use hand sanitizer when entering class.  Each class also has access to completely separate bathrooms.

  • We ask that for the first two weeks each child bring a totally disposable lunch and water bottle. We can refill these, or you can send two or more to be kept for your child. Please label these with your child’s name. Please do not send more than 4 bottles. With the exception of the Teddy Bear students, who we ask to bring a water bottle to be left at school.  (Teachers will be deep cleaning these regularly.)

  • We will provide a daily snack of fresh fruit and/or vegetables.  If you would like to send an additional item for your child to eat at snack time, please send it in a disposable bag, labeled as “snack.” 

  • Please make sure you have applied sunscreen to your child prior to entering school.  If needed, we will reapply. 

  • Each classroom and toys will be cleaned thoroughly daily.

  • Fever is defined as a temperature of 100 and above.  All staff, parents and students will be scanned for temperature at arrival and throughout the day.  If a child has a temp of 99.9 and above we will isolate the child and call for their immediate pick up.  We will not allow a return to school until there is a solid two-day  (48 hour) period of no fever or a negative for Covid-19 test.  Staff who have a 99.9 or above temperature are also required to follow the same guidelines. 

  • Children with a cough will be closely monitored, we do understand that coughs occur for many reasons, as do many other symptoms, at this time we are hyper aware of any Covid symptoms and we will be erroring on the side of caution. Children who have any vomiting or diarrhea  should not attend until they have recovered.

  • We expect that should you travel, you will let us know and possibly self-isolate for 14 days upon return or take a test to confirm you are not infected.  Should you be exposed to the Covid-19 we ask you to self-report and isolate for 14 days. The use of any fever reducing medication prior to attending school is not allowed.  If you have knowingly send a sick child to school, you will be asked to leave our school permanently. We take the well-being of our community very seriously and we ask you to join us in making every effort to reduce exposure not participate in risky behavior and keep our community healthy.


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