Diversity and Inclusion


One of the earliest values that can be found in Jewish tradition comes from Genesis 1:27. As God created humanity we read, “So God created human beings in His image (in Hebrew, the masculine form is used when the being is unknown), in God’s image God created them.” 


This idea of being created in God’s image, b’tzelem Elohim, is a driving principle at B’nai Simcha, where we understand that not only are our diverse families meant to be celebrated and respected, but that our larger community is a wonderful melting pot where our differences are embraced. 


While we will make mistakes, B’nai Simcha Jewish Community Preschool strives to teach and honor those differences while also teaching our children to stand up for themselves and others when they see unfair treatment at B’nai Simcha and, eventually, out in the broader community. 

We encourage you, families, to help teach us about what makes your family special and different so that we may, in turn, teach the students at B’nai Simcha what makes our community so wonderfully diverse. 


-Rabbi Aimee Gerace, fellow B’nai parent and Education Director at PJTC