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For over 40 years, B'nai Simcha Jewish Community Preschool has been offering a warm and nurturing preschool experience in a Jewish environment. B'nai Simcha is the only Jewish preschool in the West San Gabriel Valley. We provide morning preschool and afternoon extended care to 55 children ages 2-6. Our students come from all over the San Gabriel Valley and from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. 

Our goal is to present a program in which developing a strong Jewish identity is a natural and enjoyable process. Our school is often the first step for many unaffiliated families in the area wishing to participate in the Jewish community. 

Our Programs


Outdoor Education

We are proud participants in the Outdoor Education Project. We view the outside areas of our school as additional classroom space. We have areas outdoors to work on motor skills, create art, find quiet space for reflection, become at home with dirt and greenery and just explore. We try and spend at least a third of our day outdoors. In addition to our lovely Outdoor Specialist, Lori Serna, our large space also allows children of varying ages to interact and create together.

Physical Education

Early Education Physical Activity Program is a complete exercise class for children done to kids music incorporating fun equipment and props.  It's much like normal child's play but more structured and continuous.  Our four goals are to build healthy lifestyles including sound eating and regular exercise, practice basic sports skills for an active life in adulthood, teach about the body and cultivate self‑esteem.

Music and Dance

Multiple times a week each class is led by the teachers in movement and song. Rabbi Aimee Gerace leads us in Israeli dance once a month. Music is heard daily throughout the school and is an integral part of any of our celebrations. We also have a Shabbat Sing each Friday morning to set the tone for Shabbat.

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