Our Philosophy

B'nai Simcha is a developmental preschool. We encourage children to explore the world while developing gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, language skills, and a strong sense of self esteem. We want to help children learn that they are capable of working independently, that there are appropriate times and ways to ask for help, and that they can successfully work in group situations while still getting their individual needs met. We want children to experience a wide variety of activities including art, music, movement, water play, manipulative play (i.e. building sets, puzzles, etc.), stories and quiet time. We combine teacher-directed activities and child-led interactive play.

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Our Jewish Philosophy

When planning the Judaic content of our program we consider both the differences (Conservative, Reform, Orthodox and secular) and the similarities of the children and families we serve. Our approach is total integration — there are no "Jewish" times or "secular" times. Our goal is to present a program in which developing a Jewish identity is a natural and enjoyable process. We emphasize the rituals because children love tradition and routine; lighting the Shabbat candles each week or decorating a Sukkah each year is reassuring to children.

Our Values

A great deal of a child's early years are spent organizing the world around him/her and seeing how he/she fits into it. A child will succeed in school if he/she has good self-esteem and self confidence, understands that there is cause and effect to his/her actions, can participate in a group setting and focus attention to follow directions when presented to an entire group, and knows how to appropriately obtain help when needed. These are the goals of our program which we achieve by placing the children in situations where they can face new challenges, where they are presented with a wide array of experiences geared to their level of expected competency and by avoiding situations that would prove to be overly frustrating by requiring skills and knowledge not yet within their grasp.

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A message from
our Director

As Director of B'nai Simcha Preschool, I am very aware of the trust you are placing in us by sending your children to our program. Our goal is to nurture their natural curiosity and need to explore and experiment while providing the tools they need to problem solve, work cooperatively, and put together all of the information they need to process. Each of our students is unique and we strive to offer a program that will engage each of them in the way that best suits their learning style and temperament. You are always welcome to drop by the office, grab a cup of coffee, and share your thoughts with me.


B'nai Simcha is accredited by the Bureau of Jewish Education

B'nai Simcha is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Tax ID 95-3643872