Covid-19 Updates:

Please note, as Covid-19 protocols continue to change and evolve, our policies will as well. We follow all Covid-19 protocols set by the CDC and LA Department of Public Health. Below is the latest update:



Covid policy update 


Dear Parents,

It has been challenging keeping up with the ever-changing Covid guidelines and regulations. I am grateful for everyone’s support and patience as we navigate this. I have updated our Covid policies to reflect the current county guidelines and regulations. Keep in mind these are fluid and may change again.

Please make sure you add your cell phone number to your Brightwheel account and have alerts on. This is the best way for us to communicate with you, and we want to make sure you receive COVID alerts (and other important info) without any delays




  • Please continue to bring your child to school wearing a mask, even the youngest children. It sets a great precedent for the day when they arrive wearing them. Our youngest students still do not master wearing them all day, however we will encourage and support this skill at their individual pace. 


If anyone in your household has immediate exposure to someone who tested positive for Covid:

  • Let Chana know immediately by texting her

  • Keep your child home until test results have been completed for your household

  • If exposure was removed more than once, for example, your co-worker's spouse tested positive, but the coworker did not get tested or test results were not in yet, you do not need to notify us. We will no longer communicate these types of scenarios as per guidelines.


If anyone in your household tests positive for Covid:

  • Let Chana know immediately by texting her

  • Child must stay home for 10 days to quarantine (even if their test is negative) 

  • If your child's test is negative, the class does not need to close for 10 days. The room will NOT be closed while awaiting test results of the child. 

  • If the child’s test is positive, the class needs to quarantine for 10 days. We require a doctor’s note or negative Covid test taken 48 hours prior to returning to school, if your child or a household member tested positive.


If your child develops a fever:

  • Have your child tested before returning to school. In addition to a negative Covid test, they also need to be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medications.